Wool roving

Wool roving – a versatile foreyarn
Wool roving is an early stage of the so-called carded wool yarn. Despite being unspun, wool roving is perfect for various crafts techniques. Wool roving is an untwisted 2-ply yarn that felts very well and needs to be handled with care.
Use of wool roving
The use of wool roving may feel challenging at first, since the fibres are not twisted. Wool roving may snap easily, but it is easy to join the ends back together: just rub the ends of the wool between your fingers to join them together, and carry on knitting. As it is untwisted, wool roving felts excellently, and the stitches become almost entirely invisible. When knitting/crocheting products for machine felting, you should make them 30% larger than the finished piece. Wool roving is also great for different types of felting, such as lattice felting, wet felting and needle felting. You can also use wool roving to knit reusable nappy covers for babies. For beginners, coils of wool roving are also perfect for practising how to spin.

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