Pencil Roving

Pencil roving – thick and hefty
Pencil roving is a 4-ply yarn made directly of layers of slivers. In other words, it has not been spun at all. Pencil roving is a thick and soft yarn suitable for, amongst others, beginning knitters.
Use of pencil roving
Pencil roving is perfect for thick and soft accessories, such as comfy tube scarves, beanies and so on. Pencil roving is easy and quick to knit/crochet. Since it is so easy and quick to use, pencil roving is a common material in textiles classes at schools. Pencil roving can be used as such, or for making products for felting. When knitting/crocheting products for machine felting, you should make them 20–25% larger than the finished piece. Pencil roving can also be used for interior decoration items, such as baskets, rugs, decorative pillows, seat cushions and so on.

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