Shipping methods

We currently only deliver online orders to Finland.

General information:

Shipping costs by weight are automatically updated in the shopping cart. The weight limit includes at least 0.3kg of packaging material.
In higher weight limits, the weight of the packaging material is 0.7kg.

The prices only apply to the shipping of orders made via the online shop within Finland.

Once the order has been processed, you will receive an advance notification of the delivery of the package by email. The email contains a tracking code, which you can use to track your order.
Remember to also check your junk mail folder if you have not received the email.

Pick up EUR 0:

You can pay for your products in our online shop and pick them up in person from our factory outlet in Hiirola. We will collect the products for you.
Once the products are available for pick up, we will notify you by SMS or email.

Letter EUR 1.95:

When ordering small items, e.g. felting needles.

Matkahuolto Pick-up parcel from EUR 5.50:


Delivery to your chosen Matkahuolto pick-up point, such as an automatic parcel locker, Matkahuolto, K-Market or R-kioski, mainly within 1-2 working days of shipment, also on Saturdays in the largest cities. You will be notified immediately by SMS once your package is ready to be picked up.

0,15 - 2,0kg = 5,50€

2,0 - 5,0kg = 5,50€

5,0 - 10,0kg = 9,90€

10,0 - 15,0kg = 11,90€

15,0 - 20,0kg = 12,90€

Matkahuolto Bus Parcel from EUR 7.50:

Delivery to your chosen Matkahuolto location or Matkahuolto agent for the next working day after the parcel has been shipped. You will be notified immediately once your package is ready to be picked up.

0,15 - 2,0kg = 7,50€

2,0 - 5,0kg = 9,50€

5,0 - 10,0kg = 10,50€

10,0 - 15,0kg = 11,50€

15,0 - 20,0kg = 13,50€

Matkahuolto Business Parcel (delivered to home):

Delivery to your doorstep at an agreed time, also in the evenings and on Saturdays. You will receive an SMS notification of the parcel delivered to you to agree on the delivery time. With the recipient’s permission, the parcel may also be delivered to the customer’s doorstep without the recipient’s signature.

0,15 - 2,0kg = 11,90€

2,0 - 5,0kg = 13,90€

5,0 - 10,0kg = 15,90€

10,0 - 15,0kg = 19,90€

15,0 - 20,0kg = 22,90€

Posti’s Postal parcel from EUR 6.90:

Pick up the parcel from an automatic parcel locker or post office. Posti’s eco-friendly deliveries cover whole Finland, from Mon to Sat by 7 pm.
Track your order with the OmaPosti app, which will notify you once the parcel is ready for pick up.

0,15 - 2,0kg = 6,90€

2,0 - 5,0kg = 9,90€

5,0 - 7,0kg = 10,90€

7,0 - 10,0kg = 11,90

10,0 - 15,0kg = 12,90€

Posti's Home Parcel:

Home delivery at a selected time. Posti will deliver the packed to your address at the agreed time.
Select the delivery time from an online calendar shared via a link. You can track your order with the OmaPosti app.

0,15 - 2,0kg = 14,90€

2,0 - 5,0kg = 15,90€

5,0 - 7,0kg = 16,90€

7,0 - 10,0kg = 17,90€

10,0 - 15,0kg = 18,90€