Felting wool

Felting wool – great for many purposes
Felting wool is often called batts, named after the process of carding wool into large thick sheets or batts. One sheet of felting wool consists of approximately 40 very thin layers of wool. Together, the layers form an airy and fluffy sheet of 7cm in thickness. When spread out, one sheet of felting wool is approximately one metre wide and two metres long.
The use of felting wool
As its name suggests, felting wool is great for both wet felting and needle felting. It can also be used in a variety of crafts projects. Felting wool can also be used as stuffing in seat cushions, duvets, toys and so on. In addition, undyed felting wool has therapeutic properties, such as lanolin, which makes it perfect for pedicures. In the olden days, felting wool was used between toes.

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