You can deliver the unprocessed wool to our spinning mill in Hiirola where the wool is sorted. If you have wool that can be used for spinning, you can deliver it to our spinning service to make you own products or sell some of it to the spinning mill at the current purchase price. If you want to spin a special batch of your own wool, you must have at least 20 kg of wool that can be used for spinning. The wool is always washed in Hiirola.

One 20 kg batch can be used for making one type or one colour product base, and the base can be divided into 1, 2, 3 or 4 ply yarns.

Due to loss of weight that happens mainly during the washing of wool and in production, one kilogram of unprocessed wool produces an average of 650 grams of finished product.


The customer's wool can be made into:

  • 140 tex, 2 or3 ply yarn
  • 180 tex, 2 or3 ply yarn
  • 320 tex, 2 or3 ply yarn
  • Unspun yarn 285 tex, 2, 4, 6 ply
  • Coils of wool roving
  • Sheets of felting wool


The price of the yarn is determined by the number of kilos of unprocessed wool. PRICE €/kg          (incl. VAT 24%)

PRODUCTS PRICE €/ kg  ( sis. alv 24%)
20-40 kg YLI 40 kg
Carded wool yarns, natural colours 36.00 33.70
Carded wool yarn 180x3 tex and 140x3 tex also available with nylon reinforcement
Rug yarn and unspun yarn 32.00 30.00
Roving wool coil, carded rove 26.50 24.50
Felting wool, carded wool 23.00 21.00
SPECIAL BATCHES: Minimum amount of raw material 5 kg + wool addition 5 kg
Carded wool yarns

 Dog hair, alpaca, angora



ADDITIONAL SERVICES: PRICE €/ kg   ( sis. alv 24%)
Yarn washing   4.00
Yarn moth protection (incl. washing)   6.00
Yarn spooling into a cone   6.00
Adding wool (for dog hair mixes and batches smaller than the minimum amount)   7.50
Waste treatment fee: if wool that cannot be processed is delivered   0.30
Exchange products are delivered unwashed and without labels.
Shipping costs are not included in the price.

Delivery instructions:

The customer delivers the wool to the spinning mill with the shipping fee paid. We will not pick up parcels from nearby pick-up points or automatic parcel lockers.

Each package must include the sender's name. In addition, the following information must be included:

  • Name, address and telephone number of sender
  • Specification of which products you want
  • If a part of the wool is sold to the spinning mill, your account number in IBAN format and a business ID, if you have one.

Fill out and print the shipment for the wool