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– Hank weight: 100g = appr. 270m
– Yarn weight: 180 tex x2
– Material: 100% Finnish sheep wool
– Recommended needles: 2-3mm
– Recommended care: Hand wash, wool programme
Carded wool yarn is a versatile wool yarn suitable for various crafts. It is at its best in everyday clothes and accessories, such as mittens, hats, scarves, jumpers and so on. Carded wool yarn maintains its structure and does not pile easily.
In weaving, carded wool yarn can be used both as a warp thread and a weft thread in traditional woven textiles, such as shawls, traditional quilt fabrics and so on. Its tendency to felt can also be utilised in products felted in the washing machine. Carded wool yarn felts in a beautiful manner, evenly and softly. The twist in carded wool yarn 180 tex x2 is looser than, for example, in 140 tex x2. As a result of the slightly looser twist, the finished product will be fluffy, airy and light.
No chemical processes have been used in the manufacturing of this product. No mothproofing. The shades of the undyed yarn are created by mixing natural shades of sheep wool in different ratios.

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